I have been extremely lucky that in recent years, I have started doing behind the scenes and stylised photoshoot for clients. The Style Co. trusted me very early on and we have developed an amazing relationship in the last few years and proud to call them my family! They have helped me develop a whole new photography skill set and I am forever grateful for the opportunity!
I have since got to work with other talented stylists and florists including Flower Temple, Luxe Events, Style Discourse and Button Events. I also got to shoot fun and cool product shoots for Frost Cocktails and Tesori Bellini.

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I work closely together with school developing the brief and concept for their commercial shoots. Schools often require an “image library” of a variety of still imagery. This including academic, sports, music, buildings, student teacher interaction, extra curriculum activities to name a few.
I collaborate with schools to decide what would be the best way to capture these imagery. Concepts such as “a day in the life of students” would capture great “behind the scene” and candid moment of school life. Or “leadership” concepts that highlights achievement and leadership through setup hero shots.
For sample of my school commercial work, please visit
Hikari Events Photography where you will find my full range of school photography services.