Hello, my name is Ken, and I started Hikari Photography around 2006. When I first started Hikari Photography, I focused on shooting weddings.

Slowly I started shooting headshots. Then I branched out and included events photography and now I have my own little photobooth company called Smugshots.

In recent years, I have mainly focus on behind the scenes and stylised photoshoot for products and event styling.

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Ken Nakanishi Melbourne Photographer Hikari Photography


I'm in my thirties. I live in Richmond, but I'm scared of the footy crowd.

I like to take photos of the sky a lot.

Bright sunny days make me happy and want to take photos.

I love films, though I don't nearly watch enough. Greatest gift I ever got was my father's old Leicas. I like taking photos with my old film camera, it has a certain texture and feel about it.

I feel weird writing this, it's like writing a personal ad. So it's best to stop now.